Girls Junior Varsity Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball · Building a Proud Winning Tradition

By: Alethea Harnish #22

The beginning of a season is always the hardest part of any season. Hours of conditioning, drills, and fundamentals can make anyone ready to throw in the towel. Playing, and losing to, Tindley Accelerated and Greenwood Community as kick-off to a season can be intimidating and discouraging. Despite all of the circumstances the Lady Achaean Basketball team is subject to, the girls are not only eager to compete all season, but are ready to learn what it really means to play on, and build a strong team.

While in the midst of preparing to battle Scecina and Broad Ripple High School, the team is pushing itself to it’s physical and mental limits. The girls spend their nights running dozens of lengths of the court, competing in layup drills, and learning techniques behind a proper offense and defense. Coaches and players alike are putting in the work required to build a proud winning tradition, a tradition to be known around Indianapolis, for the Herron girls’ basketball program.