Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Swimming Week of 10/22

The Herron girls swim team officially kicked off this week with the boys team starting conditioning. As we move through the season, different swimmers will give there perspective of the season and how its going for them. This week’s entry is written by a Meredith Farrar, a senior on our girls’ team.

This week, the Herron Women’s Swim Team has started official practices, while the Men’s conditioning has begun. Our usual practice day starts with a warm-up like an 800 SKPS(swim, kick, pull, swim) and then some light stretching. For stretching, we alternate between who leads stretching so that everyone has the chance to lead the team. Swimmers can change up which stretches we do each day based on requests of swimmers and how the leader feels. Each day has a different focus, such as distance or IM day. The first women’s meet will be on November 14th, at Beech Grove. On November 17th, we will have a meet at Westfield. As the season progresses, we will be posting the team roster, photos and times from meets. Looking forward to a great swim season!