Boys Junior Varsity Soccer · Boys JV Soccer coming together

12 minutes left in the game against West Vigo in the PCR Tourney and the score is still 0-0.  What happened in the next 4 minutes is just bad luck.  Three goals were given up, two off corner kicks and one from a free kick.  All three could have been cleared but playing with only 2 subs, fatigue may have set in.  Earlier in the 2nd half the Achaeans had a great opportunity to take the lead when Freshman Roarke Annarino’s shot deflected off the crossbar and Willem Evanson won the battle for the loose ball only to be taken out by the keeper on the goal line.  It was that kind of day.  Excellent passing, hustle and some stonewall goalkeeping from Gabe Pawlowski.  Herron would fall 0-3.

In the consolation game against Tinley, Herron came out strong but failed multiple times with 1v1 breakaways.  Sophomore Andrew Yager finally converted late in the 1st half.  The Achaeans would score again early in the 2nd half off a penalty kick by Isaiah Darling-Edgar.  Tinley would tie it up late with 2 goals off of shots from out and over the Herron goalies.  The game would go into kicks from the mark.  The Achaeans had multiple chances to win but as I said before, it was that kind of day.  After 9 rounds, Tinley would win 5-4.

The Boys JV Soccer team will be back on the pitch on Wednesday following the varsity game against Greenwood Community and Thursday at 6:00 pm against Decatur.